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A little about the about…..Correct. is a Podcast that focuses on News, current events, technology, and well….. Anything else we can talk about. We do interviews and more. We do free content and paid content…. no not sex pervert.

About the Don… the Gringo…. the white guy sitting at the desk!?!?!? Well, he is old, middle-aged, some may say young, and that my friends depends on how old you are. I know, I know you are never supposed to ask a lady, or woman….. depends on what science you believe… their age, weight, and originally hair color. And of course not to be sexiest for some men too, again just depends on what science you believe. He has owned a couple of small businesses and still does. He taught, or maybe teaches martial arts, this depends on where you are at the time of reading this. He served a little time…. in the Marines. Married to a Mexican….. and no not a Chicana…. a real one, with a green card. with a real Mexican Accent. And is reasonably unstable, he is, not the wife…. Sorry wife. Let the fun begin!!!

Let the fun begin!!!

The Gringo

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